• New 9.4.0 mineXpert2 version

    Major new version of mineXpert2. The new features include: Major work on network communications between mineXpert2 and massXpert2; Now allow for the opening of Bruker BafAscii files (in full only); Fixed missing proper XY mass data loading feature; Really implement libmass and libmassgui source trees as git submodules; Set proper color to widgets that need their parentship with a given sample to be clearly visible; Added feature to capture on simple mouse click of the x or y axis value on a trace; Implement a QSettings-based memory for the Savitzky-Golay filter parameters; Updated the User Manual.
  • New 8.4.0 massXpert2 version

    Major new version of massXpert2. The new features include: Add new polymer chemistry definition for full 15N labeling; Improve the ChemicalPad config for some sugars; Now perform isotopic cluster simulations for any chemical entity in the interface; Configure the generated spectra (isotopic cluster or combinations thereof) with trace color and title for later visualization in mineXpert2; Automatically serve the spectra to mineXpert2 via the network (see below); Network-based communications between mineXpert2 and massXpert2 now work perfectly; Updated the user manual.
  • Publication of the new site

    Full rewrite of the website with French translation Thanks to the invaluable work done by Olivier Langella, my colleague from the mass spectrometry platform PAPPSO at the Université Paris- Saclay, I was able to leverage the platform’s website to shape this one.